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Homemade Facial Scrub-Natural Scrub Recipes

Exfoliation is an integral part of skincare regime. It helps to get rid of dead cells from the surface of the skin, improves blood circulation, leaving your skin clean and bright. Natural face scrubs are cheaper and more important they are free of chemicals. You have to keep certain things in mind before using any exfoliating mask. The scrub you choose should be gently and should not damage your skin. Never use scrub on infected or inflamed skin. After exfoliation, it is important to moisturize your skin as exfoliation tends to dry your skin. People with oily skin can exfoliate once in a week, while people with dry skin can exfoliate once or twice a month. Choose scrub according to your skin type, what suits one person may not suit another person. Over exfoliating your skin can cause skin irritation or damage your skin. So do take care of these small things before using face scrub.

How to apply facial scrub

Wash  your face well and apply scrub on clean damp skin. Avoid area around the eyes.

Let the scrub  dry a little. Wet your hands and exfoliate using gentle circular upward movements.

Scrub lightly as vigorous movements will damage the skin.

Make your own Facial Scrub

Do you know that you can make your own facial scrub at home with ingredients available in your kitchen. Here are a few Natural Facial Scrub Recipes which are easy to prepare at home.

1. Orange peel yogurt facial scrub

Orange peel powder is readily available in the market which you can buy and use. If you cannot get orange peel powder, you can dry orange peels in the sun, powder it finely and store it in an air tight container. Take a tbsp of orange peel powder, mix it with a tsp of plain fat free yogurt and make a paste. Add water if needed to adjust the consistency. Use it as a face scrub.

2. Lentil facial scrub

Dry moong dal (pasi paruppu) well in the sun, grind it to a fine powder and store it in a container. Take 2 tsp of the dal powder, mix it with required milk to get a smooth consistency. Apply it on face and when it is half dry, gently rub in circular upward movement and then rinse off with warm water. Pat dry and apply your favorite moisturizer.

3. Apple Face scrub

Peel the skin of apple, remove the seeds and blend it to a fine paste, add a tsp of honey, 2 tbsp of powdered oats and little water if needed. It is perfect to exfoliate the face.

4. Rice Flour Yogurt Scrub

Mix rice flour with plain fat free yoghurt and scrub your face gently in upward circular movements.

5.Sandalwood gram flour scrub

Mix equal quantities of gram flour (kadalai mavu/besan) and pure sandalwood powder with little raw milk to a paste. Do not buy scented sandalwood powder. Effective for persons with normal and oily skin.

6.Chickpea Exfoliating Scrub

Take equal quantity of sandalwood powder and chickpea powder, mix it with needed water to make a paste. Apply to the face, leave it for 5 minutes and then gently scrub in circular movements using your finger tips. This scrub works great for oily skin.

7.Plain Oatmeal scrub

Take a tbsp of oats and cook with half cup of water. Allow it to cool. Add a tsp of fresh lemon juice to it.  You can use just the cooked oats alone as a scrub. It also works great.

8.Yogurt oatmeal scrub

Cook 2 tbsp of oats till soft. Let it cool. Mix it with a tsp of yogurt and honey and use it as a scrub. This is great for persons with dry skin.

9.Cornmeal scrub

Mix a tbsp of Cornmeal flour with water and gently scrub your skin in circular movements.

10.Almond scrub

Almond flour with a tbsp of milk makes a good scrub. Alternatively you can soak 5-6 almonds for 4-5 hours, remove the skin and grind it to a fine paste with milk. After scrubbing for 5-6 minutes, leave it on the face to dry, then rinse off with warm water. Persons with oily skin can replace milk with rose water.

11.Honey Almonds Scrub with milk

Mix almond flour with ½ tsp of honey, needed milk and mix it to a paste.

Home made body scrub

1.Wheat husk Body Scrub

Wheat husk + milk makes an excellent body scrub.

2.Sugar scrub

Sugar especially brown sugar is a great scrub.  Mix 1-2 tsp of sugar with 1/3 cup of olive oil and use it to exfoliate your hands and legs. Apply the mixture to wet skin, scrub gently and then wash off using your regular body wash or mild bath soap or bengal gram flour.

These homemade scrubs or natural exfoliating mask will help exfoliate and leaves your skin soft, smooth and refreshing. Get started and pamper yourself at home.

If you have problem or infected skin or if in doubt, consult your dermatologist.

Natural tips to get rid of Body odor

Body odor can be very embarrassing and can cause stress in social situation. It is because of the bacteria growing on the skin surface.  Body odor is also influenced by one’s lifestyle, genetics, and medication.  It is possible to get rid of body odour if one maintains personal hygiene.

Here are a few simple tips to get rid of body odor-

One should have bath regularly, if possible twice a day, to keep the body clean and free of body odor. You can try antibacterial  soap.

Mixing juice of one lemon to your bath water helps to keep you refreshed.

Add rose water to your bath water to keep you fresh through out the day.

Keep your underarms or armpits  free of hair, as hair collects perspiration and might cause offensive odor. Try rinsing your armpit with a tsp of vinegar diluted in a mug of water.

Wear cotton clothes as they absorb perspiration better. Wear clean clothes.

Deodorant and perfumes available in the market may mask the body odor or can give only temporary solutions, so one should find out the root cause of body odor and try to eliminate it.

Reduce taking spicy food, as it can give your sweat a foul odor. Avoiding refined sugar, junk food, alcohol, red meat, fast food, caffeine also helps. Certain strong smelling vegetables like garlic and onion can give body odor.Brush your teeth after have  garlic or onion. Also reduce the intake of processed food and choose fresh healthy food. Once you change your food habits, you body odor might also reduce or disappear.

Keep your teeth clean to prevent bad breath. Consult your dentist if your have any problems regarding the teeth.

Drink 7-8 glasees of water as water helps to get rid of toxins from the body.

Practice relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation which helps to control stress which triggers excessive sweating.

Smelly and sweaty feet 

If you have sweaty feet , use cotton socks and wash it regularly.

Have 2 pair of shoes so that you don’t have to wear the same shoes everyday. Rotate it giving them time to dry completely.

Lastly maintaining personal hygiene not only helps us to smell good but also helps to boost our confidence and self esteem.

Seek medical help  if these tips do not work out for you and if your body odor is severe.