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Home Remedies for Dark Underarms-Natural Tips to whiten Dark Armpits

Dark underarms is a cause of concern for many people. Many feel very self conscious about it and cannot wear sleeveless tops or dresses with short sleeves. Some of the causes of dark armpits are frequent shaving, allergic to deodorants, spraying perfume directly on the skin there, friction caused between tight clothing and underarms, improper washing resulting in dead skin build up, excessive use of hair removing creams, anti-perspirants etc. Find few natural tips to get rid of dark underarms below –

According to beauty experts, waxing is a better option to remove underarms hair than shaving or using depilatory creams. Most hair removing creams contains chemical which might cause darkening of underarms to some people. The only problem about waxing is that, you have to wait for a certain period of time before you wax again. Waxing not only helps to lighten your underarms but also removes dead skin. If you cannot avoid shaving, use a moisturizing shaving cream and a new blade. Also moisturize your skin well after shaving. 

Keep your underarms clean by washing them well. Have bath regularly. Wear cotton clothing and try to avoid synthetic clothing. Deodorants contain metallic salts that result in darkening of skin tone for some people. So try to avoid using it often.

Rinse your underarms with fresh diluted lemon juice to reduce odor caused by excessive sweating.

Exfoliate your armpits with sugar and olive oil gently once a week.

The safest way to whiten armpits is to go for natural skin bleaches like curd, lemon juice, cucumber juice etc.  Find some home remedies to get rid of dark armpits below-

Scrubbing will help in getting rid of the dead skin cells. Mix chickpeas flour with few drops of  lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric and make a paste. Rub on that area gently and leave it to dry. Wash it off after that. Follow this home treatment for a month to get rid of dark armpits.

Mix pure sandalwood paste with a few drops of lemon juice and cucumber juice to form a fine paste. Then apply on your armpits. Wash it off after it dries. This natural treatment also helps.

Apply sandalwood paste mixed with rose water and a few drop of lemon juice. Apply it on the area and wash it off after 15-20 minutes.

Mix curd with besan or gram flour, a pinch of turmeric powder and apply it on that area. Curd has natural bleaching properties and will help to lighten the skin tone. Do not use too much turmeric powder at they will leave an ugly yellow stain on the skin.

Mix olive oil with a pinch of turmeric powder and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply it on the dark armpits 20 minutes before bath.

Hope these home remedies will help you to get rid of dark underarms, if problem persist, consult a dermatologist who will help you.

Natural tips to get rid of Body odor

Body odor can be very embarrassing and can cause stress in social situation. It is because of the bacteria growing on the skin surface.  Body odor is also influenced by one’s lifestyle, genetics, and medication.  It is possible to get rid of body odour if one maintains personal hygiene.

Here are a few simple tips to get rid of body odor-

One should have bath regularly, if possible twice a day, to keep the body clean and free of body odor. You can try antibacterial  soap.

Mixing juice of one lemon to your bath water helps to keep you refreshed.

Add rose water to your bath water to keep you fresh through out the day.

Keep your underarms or armpits  free of hair, as hair collects perspiration and might cause offensive odor. Try rinsing your armpit with a tsp of vinegar diluted in a mug of water.

Wear cotton clothes as they absorb perspiration better. Wear clean clothes.

Deodorant and perfumes available in the market may mask the body odor or can give only temporary solutions, so one should find out the root cause of body odor and try to eliminate it.

Reduce taking spicy food, as it can give your sweat a foul odor. Avoiding refined sugar, junk food, alcohol, red meat, fast food, caffeine also helps. Certain strong smelling vegetables like garlic and onion can give body odor.Brush your teeth after have  garlic or onion. Also reduce the intake of processed food and choose fresh healthy food. Once you change your food habits, you body odor might also reduce or disappear.

Keep your teeth clean to prevent bad breath. Consult your dentist if your have any problems regarding the teeth.

Drink 7-8 glasees of water as water helps to get rid of toxins from the body.

Practice relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation which helps to control stress which triggers excessive sweating.

Smelly and sweaty feet 

If you have sweaty feet , use cotton socks and wash it regularly.

Have 2 pair of shoes so that you don’t have to wear the same shoes everyday. Rotate it giving them time to dry completely.

Lastly maintaining personal hygiene not only helps us to smell good but also helps to boost our confidence and self esteem.

Seek medical help  if these tips do not work out for you and if your body odor is severe.