Oily Hair Care-Oily Hair Home Remedies

Oily hair or greasy hair looks lifeless. In this type of hair the oily glands (sebaceous) are over active. But the good thing it can be controlled with simple tips and home remedies.

Oily hair needs frequent washing, so avoid using harsh shampoos. Go for mild shampoo or a baby shampoo to wash your greasy hair. Lemon based shampoo works great for oily hair.

Rinse your hair with cool water as this will help slow down sebum production and retards oiliness of hair and scalp.

Though gently brushing is good for hair, avoid over brushing as it stimulates the already over active oil glands.

Avoid creamy conditioners and gels. If you need to condition your hair, choose a light conditioner and apply it to your mid lengths and ends of hair. Use  products or shampoos meant for oily hair.

Keep your combs and hair brushes clean by regularly washing them. Clean them every time after washing your hair.

Avoid fried food in your diet and include lot fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouted cereals and pulses. Also drink enough water.

Home Remedies for Oily hair

Squeeze juice of 1 lemon in a mug of water and use it as a the final rinse for oily hair.

Dilute 3 tbsp of beer in a mug of water and use it for the final rinse to give your hair a healthy shine.

Boil used tea leaves in sufficient water, allow it to cool, then use that liquid as the last rinse.

Hibiscus flowers and leaves are good natural conditioners for the hair. You can grind 2-3 leaves or flowers and use its juice along with your herbal shampoo.

Grind leaves of hibiscus plant, apply the paste to your hair and wash off after 15 minutes. It is a wonderful homemade conditioner for oily hair.

Boil soap nuts skin (reetha or boondi kottai in tamil) in water, cool it and use that liquid as the last rinse for silky hair.

Dry lemon peels in the sun and powder it. Use it along with shikakai to wash your hair.

Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight, grind it to a paste and apply to your hair. Wash it after 20 minutes. This is an effective home treatmentnot only for oily hair but also for dandruff.

Mix Besan+ sour curd  to form a paste, use it to wash your hair. It helps to get rid of oily hair.

With these natural tips and treatments, one can effectively manage oily hair.

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