Natural Hair Care Tips

A glowing and silky hair can be a great beauty asset for a person, provided it is taken care well. One has to devote some time to take care of the hair everyday. Find below a few natural hair care tips that can be easily followed at home  for a glowing and healthy hair.

Tips for healthy and silky hair

1. Diet plays a very important role in maintaining the health of the hair. According to hair experts, vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy hair. One should include cereals, lots of leafy green vegetables, fruits and sprouts in one’s diet. Take food rich in protein, essential fatty acids, carotenes, iron, silica, zinc, Vitamins E , C ,Vitamin B (especially biotin) to have a healthy head of hair. Good sources of protein : milk, fish, eggs, cheese, soy.

2.Washing your hair is a very important part of hair care. Choosing the right shampoo for your hair is equally important. Avoid harsh shampoos as it will strip the hair of its natural oil. One can also use natural ingredients like sikkakai or besan or paste of fenugreek seeds to clean the hair. If that is not possible, then go for herbal or mild baby shampoos.

3. Always dilute shampoo in a little water and use it. Do not use it directly. Wet your hair first and then apply this diluted shampoo and lather it well.

4.Conditioning your hair is also an integral part of hair care. Conditioning moisturizes, protects your hair from damage, keeping it soft and healthy. Conditioning makes it easy for you to manage your hair. Rinse your hair well after shampooing and then apply conditioner. Choose a conditioner that is suitable for your hair texture. Follow the instructions on the pack for applying it. Thoroughly rinse the conditioner as its residue can make the hair look dull.

5.Massage your scalp with olive oil or warm coconut oil using your finger tips. Remain for half an hour and wash hair well. This natural remedy is an excellent conditioning treatment. It also helps in blood circulation. Follow this natural remedy once in a week for healthy hair. It also controls frizz.

6.Mayonnaise is an excellent conditioner for dry hair. Massage your scalp with mayonnaise and leave it for half an hour. Then shampoo as usual. Always rinse your hair well so that no traces of shampoo is left behind.

7.Do’s and Dont’s – Avoid using or limit using hair dryer to dry your hair. Dermatologists recommend letting your hair partially air dry before you style or comb. In this way, there is lesser chances of hair damage. After washing hair, avoid drying vigorously, instead dry it by blotting the hair with a towel.

8.Use wide toothed comb to remove tangles and do not comb wet hair as combing wet hair can stretch the strands causing them to break.

9.Do not tie your hair tightly or use normal rubber bands, as they break the hair. Always use coated rubber bands or soft hair ties of fabric.

10.Brush your hair daily using a brush with rounded tip bristles to improve blood circulation. Do it gently

11.Cover your hair with a scarf or shawl during travel to prevent tangles and to protect your hair from dust.

12.Avoid chemical treatment on your hair as they damage the hair and make it brittle. Dying, perming, bleaching, straightening cause damage to the hair, so try to avoid such practices.

13.Drink 8-9 glasses of water daily to keep yourself hydrated 

14.Exercise for 5 days a week as it improves blood circulation to your scalp.

Follow these simple hair care tips to have a healthy and silky hair.

To sum up, the way you wash, style and treat your hair can go a long way in maintaining the health of your hair. So treat your hair with care and do not abuse it. Lastly maintain a healthy life style, as the health of your hair is related to your lifestyle.