Beauty Tips for Nails

beauty tips for nails

The appearance of the nails tells us a lot about the health condition of a person, so caring for the nails and keeping them clean and healthy is very important. Below are few beauty tips for healthy nails-

Diet plays an important role in keeping the nails in good health. Have a wholesome diet. Include food rich in calcium, protein, vitamin C, vitamin B and zinc in your diet. Milk, eggs, curd, sesame seeds, figs, peanuts, almonds, chick peas, greens, sprouts are all rich in calcium. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Take 1 tsp of gelatin and dissolve in a little boiling water, cool it and use it in your fruit juice. You can take this for a week. This treatment helps if your nails are prone to splitting.

Soak your nails in warm olive oil once in 10 days to keep them healthy and well nourished.

Massage nails with lemon rind or fresh lemon juice and wash it off after sometime. This also removes strains from the nails.

Natural home remedy for Brittle nails

Massage your cuticles with a good quality moisturizing cream or vaseline. This will improve blood circulation around the nails and also prevents brittle nails.

Massage nails with olive oil or pure almond oil. This is very effective in treating brittle nails.

Soak your fingers in warm salted water for 5 minutes. Pat it dry and apply a moisturizing cream.

Do’s and Don’ts

Avoid direct contact with detergents, cleansers and other cleaning fluids.

Wear gloves to protect your hands and nails while doing house work and other messy work. This helps to prevent brittle nails.

Always use good quality nail polish. Do avoid wearing or keep your nails free of nail polish occasionally, so that your nails can breathe.

Trim your nails after a bath or shower as it makes them softer and will result in a more even cut.

Have manicures on a regular basis.

Avoid the habit of nail biting.

Finally drink lot of water and be free of stress. These simple natural tips will help you to have healthy and beautiful nails.