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Homemade Body Oil using Coconut oil

Nothing gives more happiness than being able to make our own beauty products from ingredients available in the kitchen. Due to our busy schedule, going to the spa or beauty parlour every fortnight seems impossible, moreover it is not economical, so the best option is to give ourselves a spa treatment at home. Prepare your own natural homemade scrub and body oil and make your skin look and feel younger. Today we will see how to make homemade body oil using easily available ingredients.

homemade-body oil

Ingredients needed

Pure Coconut oil – 500 ml

Vasambu (Sweet flag in English)- 3-4 pieces (2 inch pieces as seen in the picture)

Fenugreek seeds -1 tbsp

Whole black pepper -1/2 tsp


In a pan, heat coconut oil, when it is about to boil, add fenugreek seeds, whole black pepper, vasambu and switch off the flame.

After it cools, transfer it into a bottle or container and use it when required. Let the ingredients remain soaked in oil.

How to use this homemade coconut body oil-

Once in a fortnight, massage your whole body gently with lukewarm oil before taking bath. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Then wash your body with warm water using homemade scrub.  Avoid the use of harsh soaps or cleansers on that day. Your skin will feel wonderfully soft and radiant. It also prevents dryness of skin. Believe me, I speak from experience.

You can also use this oil on a daily basis for your hands and legs. You do not have to warm it.